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March 29, 2018Uncategorized

Why she stayed

She stayed for the kids and deep down inside she hates these kids while loving them wholeheartedly. One day they will harbor anger when they ask her why she stayed and when she tells them it was for them, they will die while living, beca...

October 3, 2017Stories

Your soul is your crown

“You are a strong woman” they say and every time you fall apart you remember this. You are being told to put back your crown up because you are a queen. You are told that forgiveness isn’t for the other person but it is for your own peac...

October 3, 2017Uncategorized

You can do better

I know that I’m the one who’s telling you that you can do better, maybe it’s because I can see the love you have to offer. I’m telling you that you can do better because I can see how you keep giving out this love over and over, every mi...

October 2, 2017Stories

Support my decision to leave you

When I leave I hope you look at me even though you want me to stay, I hope you are adult enough to realize your twisted and unhealthy actions was the same as you chasing me away. Every time you said you were sorry and I forgave you, that...

August 12, 2017Stories


  This is how I became broken. Firstly no one is born broken. No one! You may come from a poor family and a poor household but you will not see yourself as broken. In that very poor family, you may experience love, peace and patience and...

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